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Because online safety is a life skill…

24/01/2018 By Erica Hardinge

When I was a kid my parents constantly reminded me of basic life skills: look both ways before you cross the road; don’t talk to strangers; slip, slop, slap;  if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all; don’t watch too much TV, it rots the brain… At first, I’m sure these “parenting slogans” […]

Have you got a digital safety champion?

31/10/2017 By SIT Group Member

You know the feeling. It’s like you against the world.  You’re doing your best to get the message out, and sure, your message does get out there, but are enough people paying attention? Imagine you had a few more people to help you. Now imagine you had an army of people sermonising your message like […]