Why not #AskOutLoud to the SIT Group – got a question? We’ll try and answer it for you here.

How do I join SIT Group?

Our joining process is a bit clunky at the minute but we’re working on it! In the short term, go to our LinkedIn page and request to join the group.  As we have restrictions on membership, we’ll do a little checking to make sure you meet our requirements.

What are the requirements /restrictions to join SIT Group?

We are an industry professional group dedicated to security awareness and educating people how to protect themselves online. For this reason, we ask that members have all or a significant part of their day job dedicated to this purpose.  We’ll check.

I sell products and services related to Security Awareness – can i join SIT Group?

We generally do not accept requests to join SIT Group from people that work for vendors – this allows our members to talk freely and share their issues and experiences without being solicited for the sale of products or services.