Online Safety is an increasingly important part of our lives.

The Security Influence and Trust Group is a community of people who believe that collaboration, consistent messages and simple actions are the key to empower people to protect themselves in the digital world.

We are working together to ensure that online safety skills are developed in a way that benefits everyone. We are industry professionals with a long history of building security aware cultures. The Security Influence and Trust Group uses a cross industry based approach to develop new types of collaborative activities. We facilitate the creation of communities of people involved in making the online experience safer for all of us.

As a result of these efforts, we have developed a set of principles that we believe are critical for online safety life skills that continue to benefit the public good as well as Australasian businesses.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Establish long term strategic partnerships (with Government, industry and community groups);
  2. Develop and communicate a single, consistent call to action which is publically recognised;
  3. Educate and enable improved public ability to identify and respond to online risks;
  4. Enable robust security cultures across Australasian organisations; and,
  5. Promote the benefits of a Security Awareness capability in every Australasian business with good practice shared between organisations.


Our Guiding Principles

  • Everything we do contributes to enabling people to be cyber safe
  • We hold each other accountable for what we deliver
  • We know a cyber-safe culture cannot be bought, it must be built
  • We are commercial brand and vendor agnostic We leverage the SIT network to deliver consistent messaging
  • We believe in sharing good practice – this is a benefit to everyone
  • We leverage member brands and organisations to amplify the shared message

Advancing the manifesto

We welcome a broad range of participation, and anticipate the same energy that Security, Influence & Trust Group participants have shown in our activities to date.

The Security, Influence & Trust Group invites all others who support the principles of the Manifesto to join with us, and to find new ways to make this vision of a safer Internet a reality.

Get Involved!


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